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What is Test and Tag?

Test and Tag refers to the process of inspecting and testing electrical appliances and devices in a workplace, to ensure that they are safe to use and comply with electrical safety standards.

Why is Test and Tag important?
Test and Tag is important for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace and reducing the risk of electrical accidents, such as electric shocks or fires. It also helps businesses comply with safety regulations and insurance requirements.
Who can perform Test and Tag in Melbourne?
Test and Tag can be performed by licensed and qualified electrical contractors or technicians who have completed the necessary training and hold the required certifications.
How often should Test and Tag be performed?
The frequency of Test and Tag inspections depends on the type of equipment and the environment in which it is used. As a general rule, most equipment should be tested and tagged every 12 months.
What does the Test and Tag process involve?
The Test and Tag process involves a visual inspection of the equipment to check for any visible damage or wear and tear, followed by electrical testing using specialized equipment. The results of the tests are recorded and a tag is affixed to the equipment to indicate its safety status.
How much does Test and Tag cost in Melbourne?
The cost of Test and Tag in Melbourne can vary depending on the number of items that need to be tested and the complexity of the equipment. It is recommended to get a quote from a qualified Test and Tag provider.
Is Test and Tag a legal requirement in Melbourne?
Yes, Test and Tag is a legal requirement in Melbourne for all workplaces to ensure compliance with the Australian Electrical Safety Standards.
What happens if equipment fails a Test and Tag inspection?
If equipment fails a Test and Tag inspection, it should be removed from service immediately and repaired or replaced as necessary. The equipment should not be used until it has been retested and deemed safe.
Who needs Test and Tag services?
Anyone who uses electrical equipment in a workplace, including offices, factories, and construction sites, must have their equipment tested and tagged.
How often should electrical equipment be tested and tagged?
The frequency of testing and tagging depends on the type of equipment and its usage. Generally, equipment used in a harsher environment should be tested more frequently than those used in a less demanding setting.

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